We offer:

- Production and publishing of reference books:

  See link to overview of reference books.


- Recently published book "Quo Vadis Material Handling, volume 2".


- Production of chapters of reference books (published by a team of authors).  

   Examples are:

     - Handbuch Temperaturgeführte Logistik, Behrs Verlag 

       (Chapter 4.10: Sortation Systems)

     - Intralogistik, Springer Verlag  

       (Chapter 4.2: Moderne Baggage Handling Systeme)

     - BVL-Kongressband DLK 2008, Deutscher Verkehrs Verlag  

       (Chapter G4: Wie viel Automatisierung braucht der Mensch -

       Intralogistik im Wandel)

    - BVL-Schriftenreihe Wirtschaft und Logistik 2011, Deutscher Verkehrs Verlag

       Sustainable Logistics, (Chapter 4.4.4 Energie-Effizienz in der Intralogistik)




- Technical publications for professional journals

   - See link to some of ca. 90 publications


- Publications for daily press. The publications are related to logistics topics.

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Overview about portfolio update "Lecture & Presentation":

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