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LSCC stands for Logistics Services Consulting and Concepting

Vita Karl-Heinz Dullinger

Education: Dipl. Ing. (FH), discipline Electrical Engineering


Professional experience: 35 years out of 40 years in logistics

   - 23 years at SIEMENS, 3 as years Head of logistics

   - 13 years at Vanderlande Industries, CEO Germany

   - 01. April 2008: Founding of Consulting Company LSCC      


Experience in Logistics:         Sales, Consulting, IT-programming,

                                               Project Management and

                                               General Contractor Business  


Main business areas:             Automotive industry, Consumer Logistics,

                                               Inplant Handling, Airports and

                                               Express & Courier business


Core competence in consulting:        Integrated approach to optimize

                                                           Material Handling and Supply Chains.

                                                           Strategic consulting/Innovation Managment 


Core competence in operations:       Due to the practical experience in many

                                                           business areas, one of his core

                                                           competence is trouble shooting in



Activities in logistics associations

   - 1997-2009  : Member of the board of DGFL and BVL

                         (German logistics association)

   - 1985-2009 :  Member of the board of VDI

                         (German engineers association, department logistics)

   - 1985-today : Member in work groups for logistics guidelines


Author of books and articles


Lectures and speeches (more than 60 speeches on congresses and forums)


Lecturer at universities in Germany and abroad  

Overview about update Experience profile:

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